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Mia is from upstate NY and has found her home in the mountains. She loves to cross-country ski, backcountry ski, snowshoe, trail run, and stand up paddle board. When she's not outdoors you can find her reading at a coffee shop or at home listening to records. She also teaches yoga and is certified level 1 with the Barista's Guild of America.

In Summit County Since: 2014

Favorite Drink: Iced almond milk chai.


Megan is originally from Summit County. She's one of the Summit originals who have stayed to keep this great community her home. Megan has also completed her Level 1 training with the Barista's Guild of America.

In Summit County Since: Childhood

Favorite Drink:

Megan, Mia, Tamara, Caroline


Our new ladies joined us in the fall of 2017. They all love the outdoors, some ski and others snowboard. Some style hair, another teaches yoga, and they all love to travel. Come meet them all!


A proud Michigander, Tamara says words like pop instead of soda. She loves a good glass of wine with a good group of friends. While new to serving coffee, Tamara is certified with level 1 with the Barista's Guild of America and has found a new found passion within the Red Buffalo Community.

In Summit County Since: 2015

Favorite Drink: Cubano undertow espresso


Team Captain

Mary is originally from Idaho, but

has been happy to Colorado home

for the past couple of years. She

loves to run and work out and is

currently training for an ultra-marathon! Mary has is also CERTIFIED Level 1 and 2 with the Barista's Guild of America.

In Summit County Since: 2014

Favorite Drink: Cortado

Natalie W.

Team Captain

A lover of snowboarding, bike riding,

and making her own music, Natalie tries

to always be outdoors.  While originally

from Kansas, Natalie has spent her time living all over the West. Natalie has also completed training by the Barista's Guild of America.

In Summit County Since: 2011

Favorite Drink: "it's different every day, but an iced soy chai or a white mocha with coconut"



Erin is heavily involved in the greater Summit County Community. While she says that the Red Buffalo is like another child, she has also served on the local Board of Education for the past 8 years. But don't forget to ask her about her cute little kiddo, Oliver, when you see her. Erin is also certified by the Barista's Guild of America and International Academy of Specialty Coffee. She has served on the Sustainability Council for the Specialty Coffee Association and is president of the Silverthorne Chapter of the Summit Chamber of Commerce. 

In Summit County Since: 1996

Favorite Drink: "toss up between a creamy latte with raw sugar on top or an Iced Tea Spritzer