There are many ways to brew coffee at home.

  • Between French Press, V60 pour over, Chemex style pour over, stove top espresso, or batch brewing, there are many ways to perfect your home brew.

When you can stick to these simple rules to #makecoffeebetter while at home:

  1. Buy freshly roasted coffee.
    • Coffee is best 7-10 days after roasting. After this amount of time coffee begins to loose a lot of the gases that make it taste great. Imagine buying a flat beer. Yuck. Ask your coffee shop when their coffee was last roasted.
  2. Grind  for each individual use.
    • Air oxidizes coffee. The smaller the coffee particle, the more surface area for air to start eating away at those great coffee particles, making coffee taste stale. Again... flat beer. If you can, buy a burr grinder. If you can't, buy smaller amounts of coffee more regularly, this will ensure a fresher cup every time.
  3. Coffee is 98% water. Use good, clean water.
  4. Use a scale and timer.
    • Different brewing methods might call for different water : coffee ratios. Remember with coffee, volume does not equal weight. 1oz water = 30ml/30g. For French Press, we use a 15:1 ratio, for Chemex a 25:1 ratio. Play with what tastes you like and how coarse you like you coffee. If your coffee is too under-extracted, try getting a finer grind. The inverse if your over-extracting.
  5. Keep your equipment clean.

Camillia Senensis : tea

All "tea" comes from the Camillia Senensis plant. If it does not contain this plant then it is not "technically" tea. Peppermint "tea" does not contain the tea leaf, it is simply an herbal steep.  Some teas can be blended with other teas, herbs and fruits to make tea blends. Most teas are named from the region they are grown: Darjeeling from the Darjeeling State in West Bengal. Ceylon comes from the island of Sri Lanka, previously known as British Ceylon.

Black, green, and oolong teas all come from the same plant. The difference between black, green, and oolong tea is in it's processing.  Blacks have been fully oxidized, oolong's semi-oxidized, and green tea is non-oxidized. Imagine an apple, take a fresh bite from the apple and that is green tea. Let the apple start to brown and that is oolong. Black tea is when your apple is wrinkled and sweet.

Brewing loose leaf tea allows for the tea leaves to breath. This creates a cup of tea with a fuller body and deeper flavor.

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